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SERVICESdepolama gümrükleme

Providing courier services to Russia, Ukraine and Europe as well as local and inter-city shipment services, our company presents total solutions that bring in customer satisfaction.

Operating road, marine and airline transportation to Russia, Ukraine and Europe, our company also provides for you the storage-customs clearance, packaging and courier businesses, follows all procedures and offers total transportation service.

We carefully inspect the cargo we receive in order to non-damaged transport of the package, parcel and bags. In addition, you can send your package after easily packing it with one of the boxes, from our branches, that are arranged according to the sizes of the cargos.

After the cargoes arrive at Russia, Ukraine and Europe, we deliver them to the local places within three days. Differ from its rivals in the courier business due to its expert personnel and rapid distribution network, Vectra Kargo carefully delivers your cargo to the recipient in line with its property and urgency case.

We would be glad to see you, our dearest visitors, among our happy customers.


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